A Taste For Adventure

Whether she is prowling under the shade of a jungle’s canopy, or scaling a mountainside, Athab has an insatiable appetite for adventure. She is a rare breed of person who lives and breathes adventure, who is always interested in the next horizon. The result of this boredom awakened a deep hunger for her, a hunger that could only be satisfied by exploration. She now spends her days capturing exotic wildlife with her camera, and living life to the fullest, leaving all those who simply can’t keep up, in the dust. Athab considers herself a pupil of Earth, and observes each aspect of it all around the globe, something she says has helped not just improve her as a person, but as a professional as well, and help her obtain a deeper understanding of the universe at large. As a photographer and journalist who has recorded the most exotic wildlife, people, and cultures the world has to offer,


Athab333 says that no matter how many new and interesting things she experiences, she always wants more. She says she feels fortunate that her life was stable, but that with that stability came a certain level of boredom, of unrest that craved something more. So she did just that, becoming a journalist and photographer and eventually landing a job that would allow her to travel the world. She says she never would have learned these lessons had she not dared to dream, and put aside her fear for the sake of adventure. Athab says her appetite for adventure is one that stems from her childhood, which was quite the reverse of the life she has now. She says she had a very stable and average upbringing, something that was both good and bad.