Setting an Example

Athab and her mother have shared a close bond ever since the battle with cancer, and she continues to try to emulate her mother in many facets, as she is her biggest role model. When she is asked who the role models that have influenced her most throughout her life have been, she always responds with the same surprising answer, her mother. She has nothing but respect for her mother’s strength and will power, and has always looked up to her. She says that her mom not only serves as a role model to her, but to the community at large, especially those working closely with, or having been influenced by cancer. She says that she likes to tell the story of her mother so that other people too can appreciate just how difficult a stand against cancer can be, and so they know that it is also not impossible.


When asked why Athab333 would pick her mother when there is a whole slew of rich and famous celebrities to chose from, as well as famous historical figures, she explains that her mother is a breast cancer survivor, something that took more determination and perseverance than anything she has witnessed in her life. She says that her mother’s story is inspiring to her, and she hopes to many others as well. She says that her mother not only battled cancer, but still managed to be a mother and wife at the same time, always offering good advice and support, even when she was the one who needed it most.


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