Career Oriented

One thing seems clear, Athab has the kind of dedicated and precocious mind that will move and shake the world of tomorrow. At the young age of 27, it seems she is destined for a bright future. Athab’s career oriented lifestyle also serves as an excellent example to the community, as well as young girls everywhere. She has achieved much during her short time here on the planet, and has never let an obstacle or set back stop her. Later however, Athab would also be diagnosed with diabetes only two years ago, just another obstacle she has met and overcome with impressive ease. She achieved all of this while her mother was battling cancer.


Athab is the kind of person with all the drive and ambition needed to truly make something amazing of yourself. Her personal drive and perseverance when it comes to her profession is something that is beginning to be noticed, and has resulted in many of her successes over the past few years. Not stopping there, Athab is also the winner of the title Miss Arkansas, a result of both her inner and outer beauty. She is already a qualified and registered nurse, and before that received honors from her college fraternity for her academic scores as well as her dedication to excellence.

It seems that the sky is the limit for Athab333, and that she will continue to achieve and grow in the medical field, becoming the kind of professional people can look up to and admire. Athab was also a staff member of her school newspaper in high school, as well as valedictorian of her class. Among her many accomplishments, She was also a competitive dancer for over fifteen years, as well as an actress in many school musicals and a part of the Quill and Scroll organization and a photographer and journalist.


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